Commands and Permissions

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Commands and permissions

[required argument] (optional argument)

🔵 Player commands

Command Permission Description
/vd join [arena] villagedefense.join.%arena% villagedefense.join.* (all arenas) Joins specified arena
/vd randomjoin Requires permission villagedefense.join.* to access all arenas Joins random not started arena
/vd stats (online player) None Shows your stats
/vd leave None Quits current game. You can disable game quit in config.yml
/vd top [statistic] None Shows top 10 users from requested statistic
/vd selectkit villagedefense.command.selectkit Change kit while being in game

🔴 Admin commands

Tip! You can use villagedefense.admin.* permission to give all admin commands permission
Command Permission Description Valid excecutors
villagedefense.updatenotify Notifies about plugin update on join
villagedefense.command.override Allows to use every command while being in-game
villagedefense.admin.sign.create (creating signs by hand) villagedefense.admin.sign.break (destroying signs) You can create or break signs with those permissions
/vd create [arena] villagedefense.admin.create Creates new arena with specified name Player
/vd [arena] edit villagedefense.admin.create Edits existing arena Player
/vda list villagedefense.admin.list Prints list of available arenas Player/Console
/vda stop villagedefense.admin.stopgame Stops game you're playing Player
/vda forcestart villagedefense.admin.forcestart Force starts game you're in Player
/vda respawn (player) villagedefense.admin.respawn villagedefense.admin.respawn.others Respawn you/specified player in your arena Player
/vda spychat villagedefense.admin.spychat Toggles all arenas chat visibility (multi-arena feature only) Player
/vda reload villagedefense.admin.reload Reloads all game instances they will be stopped. Usage highly discouraged! Player/Console
/vda delete [arena] villagedefense.admin.delete Deletes specified arena Player
/vda tp [arena] [location type] villagedefense.admin.teleport Teleports to specified arena location Location types: START, END, LOBBY Player
/vda clear [zombie/villager/golem/wolf] villagedefense.admin.clear Clears specified mobs in your game Player
/vda addorbs [amount] (player) villagedefense.admin.addorbs villagedefense.admin.addorbs.others Adds orbs (game currency) to you/specified player Player/Console when player argument is specified
/vda addlevel [number] (player) villagedefense.admin.addlevel Add levels to player Player/Console
/vda setlevel [number] (player) villagedefense.admin.setlevel Set levels of player Player/Console
/vda setwave [number] villagedefense.admin.setwave Sets wave of game Player
/vda setprice [amount] villagedefense.admin.setprice Sets price of holding item (use this for shop otherwise item won't work) Player

Basic permissions

Basic premissions are default permissions for games. Default permissions can be found in config.yml

  Full-Games-Permission: "villagedefense.fullgames"
  Vip-Permission: ""
  Mvp-Permission: "villagedefense.mvp"
  Elite-Permission: "villagedefense.elite"
  Arena-Edit-Permission: "villagedefense.edit"
  Join-Permission: "villagedefense.join.<arena>"

Full-Games-Permission - Permission to join full arenas

Vip-Permission - Gives permission to donator kits, joining full games and getting 50% more orbs

Mvp-Permission - Same as Vip-Permission but gives 100% more orbs

Elite-Permission - Same as Vip-Permission but gives 150% more orbs

Arena-Edit-Permission - Permission for creating arenas, overrides disabled commands option via config.yml

Custom permissions

Custom permissions are used for giving your players more orbs in game. Nothing more, nothing less.

Warn! Using dots . in custom permissions will not work and will break permission, don't use them!

Custom permissions can be set up in config.yml:

  player-booster: 10
  vip-booster: 100
  staff-booster: 1000

player-booster - Gives player with this permission 10% more orbs on pickup

vip-booster - Gives player 100% more orbs

staff-booster - 1000% more orbs

Avoid low percent values! Remember that 10% more orbs are actually nothing because it's 5~8 orbs + only 10% of this value more so you won't see any significant increase, use higher values too see the difference
Permissions can be combined! Giving player permission player.booster and vip.booster will receive 110% more orbs on the pickup!

Kits permissions

Every kit has its own permission node to access it. Even if it's level kit, you can still unlock it getting its permission.


  • Archer kit permission - villagedefense.kit.archer
  • Tornado kit permission - villagedefense.kit.tornado
  • Heavy Tank kit permission - villagedefense.kit.heavytank
Info! Premium kits also unlocks with Vip/Mvp or Elite permissions and leveled kits are unlocked too when certain level is reached.